More Than a Logo

Lutheran Homes of South Carolina’s logo represents the roots of our ministry as well as a bold vision for the future with a fresh, modern image to unify our associate ministries across our statewide care and service continuum.


The colors in our logo used are a dark blue and a medium green. The blue continues Lutheran Home’s tradition of using blue in previous logos and is a visual link from the past to the present. Blue is also traditionally the color of healthcare and connotes stability and confidence. Green is symbolically viewed as a symbol of health, nature, and vigor, which are all essential elements in our communities and programs.

The Power of Three

Many key components related to our ministry are represented as three elements, which make up the foundation for the logo as three overlapping colored blocks.

  1. The three overlapping blocks are a reminder that Lutheran Homes is a ministry built on faith in God, who has been revealed in the three persons of the Trinity:
    1. The Father,
    2. His Son, and the
    3. Holy Ghost
  2. These blocks also illustrate the three ways Lutheran Homes enhances the well-being of older adults-by providing
    1. Residential
    2. Healthcare and
    3. Hospice services.
  3. Our BeWell wellness philosophy for successful aging is based on three building blocks to
    1. Prevent chronic disease and disability,
    2. Maintain high cognitive and physical functioning and to continue to
    3. Engage in life through meaningful contributions.

Chrismons – Uniting a Heart and Staff to Create a Cross

Chrismon ornaments were first developed by Frances Kipps Spencer (1917-1990) at Ascension Lutheran Church in Danville, Virginia. She originated them in 1957 when she set out to create decorations appropriate for a church Christmas tree. The word Chrismons itself is a combination of the words Christ and Monogram. According to the dictionary, a Chrismons is a monogram of Christ and references the life, ministry, activities, nature, and teaching of Jesus.

Originating in the Lutheran Church, the Chrismons idea reached churches of every Christian denomination. and through Chrismons, many Christians have discovered the similarities rather than the differences in denominations. Frances Kipps Spencer’s Chrismons contribution has been called the most significant contribution to Christian symbolism in the twentieth century.

In the Lutheran Homes logo, the symbol inside the three blocks is based on a modern Chrismon ornament featuring a stylized staff and heart, which forms a cross for three images within one design. The image references Christ’s words in John 10:11:

“I am the Good Shepherd. The Good Shepherd lays down his life for the sheep.”

The rod and staff shows the Shepherd’s symbol for care and protection. The heart symbolizes Christ’s love. Together, this symbol is a visual reminder of the care, protection, and love that is shown to those we serve and the cross of Christ stands at the heart of our ministry.

The Lutheran Homes of South Carolina logo is now part of our Heritage, as reflected in our mission, vision and values.