Another Ingredient in the Secret Sauce for Aging Well

Published on March 18, 2024

These devices give us a daily reminder if we use them to “keep moving” as once we stop, bad things tend to happen.  They also give us a daily goal and incentive to keep a streak going as moving our bodies will help keep us limber, alert and prepared to counter the impacts of aging and a sedentary life.

I recently met a couple in their late seventies and early eighties that described themselves as “gym rats.”  This wonderful couple spends extensive time in the gym each day keeping themselves as fit and healthy as possible. I am sure it not only enhances their physical well-being and condition, which in their case is exceptional, but also gives them a boost of energy and the confidence to take on the daily challenges of life which often can be exceedingly difficult.

Not everyone has the luxury of going to the gym, but most of us can find a way to move our bodies every day if we put our minds to it and commit to doing so.  It may not be easy, but starting with a goal and taking it one day at a time can and will produce remarkable results.

So, take a moment, set your goal and get up out of your chair or sitting on your couch and get moving. It truly will produce the type of results that give the best chance of being your best as the years add up on this journey we call life.

God Bless!