Can I Ever Retire?

Written by Frank Shepke, President and CEO
Published on February 19, 2024

With all these areas to consider, it’s no one wonder that many seniors are confused and sometimes ill prepared to deal with the financial pressures and lifestyle changes that retiring brings. Often many seniors need to continue working in some form to fill the gaps that exist in their budgets when they leave their primary jobs and need to start depending upon their savings, investments, and social security.

Retirement is often portrayed in the media as “the Golden Years” where the hustle and bustle of the everyday work world becomes a think of past and the pursuit of leisurely activities and maintaining good health and wellness become much more important. In fact, many do achieve this dream and they have done so because they actively planned for this stage of life and it didn’t happen by accident.

At Lutheran Homes, the people we serve know the importance of these efforts and have the opportunity to live the life we all dream about when we reach those golden years. For others, it’s never too late and as this study reveals, getting educated and aware of the key topics and actually doing something about them is the key to success. Financial planners can help and there are many free sources as well to help with the process.

So maybe it’s time to get that “retirement checkup” if you have not already done so and be ready for what many say are the best years of their life. Are you ready?? God Bless!