The Fountain of Youth is Having Fun!

Published on February 26, 2024

That’s what happened last night during our annual Lutheran Homes Foundation Sip, Savor, Support fundraising event to help individuals in the care of our hospice and residential programming who need some additional financial support after many years on this good earth.

Not only was this event a world-class night of food and wine by Chef Ted and company that would likely achieve the Gordon Ramsay seal of approval, but it was fun as well for the attendees. How many 95 and 96 year olds do you know who love to get dressed in their finest, mingle with their friends and still be sparkling conversationalists and connoisseurs’ of the finer things in life.

It’s all about having fun and more importantly helping others in the process and that’s why this event last night was such a great success.  I am always in awe and blessed to be able to spend time with our beloved seniors who are so interesting and have lived very long and fulfilling lives whether it’s at a fun packed evening of food and drink, or sitting quietly in a wheelchair in the hall of our nursing facility.

Age is not about our physical bodies (even though they do tend to break down with time), but it’s about our spirit and willingness to never stop exploring, helping others and having fun no matter if you’re 25 or 95. So when life offers you up the opportunity to Sip, Savor and Support, don’t hesitate for a second to give a resounding yes!

God Bless