Plan for a Lifetime at Home

Published on May 18, 2023

This program is a cost-effective and comprehensive long-term care solution with predictable costs that helps you safeguard your resources and avoid the high expense of future care needs.

BeWell@Home may supplement an existing long-term care insurance policy, or it may be used as a standalone option.

Membership is a fraction of the price you may pay for long-term care on your own. After a one-time membership fee, you can depend on a set monthly payment to help cover the services you may need, with no waiting period to access your benefit.

You customize your future service levels and financial commitment with a choice of plan options that provide lifetime coverage.

The time to plan is now, while you are healthy and independent. To enroll in BeWell@Home, members must be 50 years or older, reasonably healthy, live independently in South Carolina and maintain acceptable health insurance.

When health needs change, navigating the healthcare maze can be overwhelming. You can rely on your Wellness Coordinator to work with you and your physicians to best maintain your wishes when health issues arise.

Your family or other support persons can also be involved—it’s up to you. Learn more at our website:

Source: BeWell@Home and Lutheran Homes of South Carolina